Top Five Home Improvement Projects include Replacement Windows and Doors in Mesa

Phoenix, AZ patio doorsDid you realize that replacing the windows and doors in your Mesa home would be considered a significant home improvement project? Very few homeowners in Mesa or elsewhere actually think much about replacement windows and doors.

The common thinking is that this is a necessity, something that must get done but that they don’t really want to spend the money. After all, you have windows right now. You have entry doors. Unless they are all broken, shattered, and boarded up, you can see through the glass, maybe open them still without too much trouble, so what’s the big deal? Getting something as cheaply as possible, something that will essentially be the same size and style.

These homeowners are reluctantly entering into the world of replacement windows and doors. Since they already have working windows and doors right now, even though they may be more than 20 years old, the only reason they’re thinking about replacing them is because they look their age. They may be dirty, corroded, pitted, and stained. These homeowners may be keeping their blinds, curtains, and shades drawn down to not only block out that hot Arizona sun, but also to avoid having to look at those flaws.

The same could be said about almost all over home improvement projects, when you think about it. You painted the walls in the bedroom last year. Maybe you did the work yourself, but you still had to invest in the paint, right? The walls might have had wallpaper on them or a different color that had faded, gotten too dingy and dirty, and you just wanted a change.

Maybe you changed the fixtures in the bathroom, including the mirror, sink, and even the tile flooring. Aside from a major problem with mold, there wasn’t too much that was essentially wrong with them at that time, right? But you still went ahead and made those changes and spent the time and money on replacing those fixtures and the floor.

But that didn’t cost much, right?

Most homeowners justify spending $1,500 or even $2,500 on changing a few features in their main bathroom or the kitchen by pointing to mold, rotten wood, stains, or other issues. Even the couch that you might have purchased to replace the older one could have cost you that, easily.

But when it comes to replacement windows or doors, the same mentality doesn’t generally hold true. You’re entering into this project with reluctance and looking to save as much money as you possibly can. Yet the right home improvement projects can not only improve the comfort and feel of your entire home, they can also increase the assessed value of the house.

We have compiled a list of the Top 5 home improvement projects that can actually affect the value of homes throughout the area. When you see this list, it should put things into perspective to help you approach replacing your windows and doors in the right manner.

Kitchen remodeling.

First on the list is the kitchen. Next to adding an addition to the home, this is the next most significant investment a homeowner can make. The average cost of a kitchen remodel in the United States is approximately $25,000. The return on investment could be significant, but rarely will you find a home’s value jump the same amount of the cost of the remodel.

The reason why the kitchen is such an important room in the home with regard to value is because it’s the one room that almost everyone in the house will spend at least some time in during the day. Preparing meals, eating together, and being the heart of the house makes it essential.

Bathroom renovations.

Next are bathroom renovations. Aside from the bedroom (where you tend to sleep most of the time you spend there) and the kitchen, most homeowners want a modern looking, clean bathroom. Old, outdated tile walls and floors, corroded and dirty toilets, and beaten down looking sinks detract from the value of the home.

Renovating the bathroom can be a boost to the home’s value.

Repairing or replacing the roof.

Most roofs across the United States will last about 10 years. When it wears out, rain water can seep in and this can cause all sorts of problems inside. Replacing or repairing the roof is commonly thought of as a necessary expense, but if you don’t address it when you’re about to sell, it will impact the sale price of your home.

Improving outdoor living space.

Here in Mesa, we have a lot to enjoy with regard to the outdoors. While you’re not going to spend a great deal of time outside during the hottest parts of summer, evenings, spring and fall, and even the winter months can be enjoyable to spend outside.

Improving your outdoor living space could be important for improving the comfort at home. It might not improve the value, though.

Replacement windows and doors.

Finally, when it comes to major home improvement projects, this one makes the list. In fact, it is often considered the fourth most important home improvement project, just higher than improving the outdoor living space.

However, where improving outdoor living space falls short, the right replacement windows and doors can actually improve the assessed value of your home. They can also save you money every month on your heating and cooling expenses, if you make the right investment. Relying on energy efficient windows, you could end up saving $20, $40, $50, or even more almost every month on your cooling and heating expenses.

The savings can add up over time, causing you to continue having a high rate of return on your investment.

If you’re ready to look into the various options that are available to you and your family with regard to replacement windows and doors, contact Freelite. You don’t need to make any decisions right now, but when you enter into this process with the understanding that the right windows and doors can actually improve the value of your Mesa home, it will help guide you to the right ones for you, your family and your budget.

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