FREELITE has nearly 30 years of experience helping Arizona homeowners and commercial customers select Skylights, Custom Doors and Windows, and Atrium enclosures. During this time we have learned a thing or two about the process that is involved in selecting the right solution.

In this section of our website you will find information and/or tools to help you educate yourself on our products and step you through the FREELITE selection process. Please call us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance!

Insider’s Guide to Replacement Windows

Window replacement is one of today’s most popular remodeling projects, with good reason. New windows dramatically improve the comfort, appearance, and efficiency of your home — and they’re a sound investment. Every year Remodeling Magazine surveys hundreds of contractors, realtors, and appraisers in major cities across the country, compiling data to determine the cost of various home improvements and their impact on property values. In our market the results are impressive: According to the 2005 Cost vs Value Report, Phoenicians recoup between 104% and 109% of the money spent on window replacement when they sell their home.

But choosing the right window can be difficult and frustrating. Did you know that there are over 100 brands of windows sold in Arizona? FREELITE can help you make sense out of this process of selection.

In our copyrighted FREE REPORT, you’ll learn the following about Window Replacement in Arizona:

  • The five main reasons people replace their windows and how manufacturers address each of these needs.
  • The special challenges of our desert climate.
  • Specific recommendations to help you get the results you want — without overpaying.
  • The relative merits and costs of aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows.

Contractor Standards Guide

We wanted to find a way to educate consumers about how to choose a good, honest home improvement contractor. The industry standards simply aren’t tough enough—just about anybody with a hammer and a pickup truck can be a contractor. That’s why we’ve pioneered a set of standards called the Code of Ethics & Competency for Remodeling Contractors. The Code calls for contractors to uphold a high set of standards that will allow you to judge BEFORE hand whether or not a contractor is likely to do the job right. This guide specifies those standards.

Before you hire any company to work in or around your home, make sure you consult this guide and INSIST that the company comply with EVERY SINGLE STANDARD in this book. If you do, chances are excellent you’ll get exactly what you want out of your project.